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Goldilocks CRM

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Once upon a time, there was a businesswoman named Goldilocks who set out to find a better way to get organized, streamline her business and improve everyone’s productivity. She searched high and low for the perfect solution.

Goldilocks first found a free little CRM. It was cheap but sadly lightweight and about as useful as an electronic Rolodex. It was way too small. That wouldn’t work for Goldilocks’ business.

Then Goldilocks heard about a big, expensive CRM. Although forced to try it, disappointingly, it was over-complicated, cost more than a king’s ransom, required an IT army and still needed add-ons to be of any good. It was way too big. That wouldn’t work for Goldilocks’ business, either.

Finally, she heard about Advantage Anywhere – the Goldilocks of CRM. Advantage Anywhere was the perfect size – all-in-one marketing, sales, communication and follow up platform – powerful enough to do everything she needed, but simple enough to fit her business just right. She could even talk to it!

“Ahhh, this CRM is not too small and not too big. It’s just right,” she said happily and she signed right up.

Goldilocks lived happily ever after. And so will you.

Meet Advantage Anywhere.

All-in-one simple and ingenious sales, marketing, web lead capture, process and follow up automation and tracking platform for today’s business. And includes ABBI, the first voice driven business assistant.

Simple and ingenious voice assistant, ABBI.

Give your business a real advantage, anywhere. Check it out at www.advantageanywhere.com.