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Frequently Asked Questions


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How much does Advantage Anywhere cost?

Advantage Anywhere is very cost-effective.  It’s an all in one saving you the cost of multiple tools, integrations and disjointed processes.  Your actual investment depends on the modules you need, number of users and any customizations.  You’re monthly cost per user ranges from from $79-$199/user/month plus setup and training.

What is involved in starting with Advantage Anywhere?

aKeeping track of leads, prospects, clients, customers, residents and/or referrals are important to your business.  When it comes to change, it’s natural to feel apprehensive.  We understand what it is like that’s why our focus is on your needs when switching to a new platform.  That’s why we take the time up front, to learn what is important to your business and to make Advantage Anywhere conform to your business – not the other way around.  We believe in letting you know exactly what information you’ll have in your new system, where you can find/store that information, provide custom reporting on that data, PLUS we let you verify your data prior to going live.  We’re dedicated to working with you to ensure a great outcome.

What kind of training do you offer?

aWe don’t think training should stop at implementation. We provide hands-on training before going live AND we hold dedicated coaching calls AFTER going live.  That means follow up coaching and joint collaboration to guarantee you get the most out of Advantage Anywhere. We employ a variety of training methods to ensure you and your team have the resources, training and support they need.

Is it true Advantage Anywhere comes with a Coach?

Yes!  Your Coach is your guarantee that you will be succcessful.  In addition to an Account Manager, you’ll also get an industry Coach to help you set goals and create the plan to get you to your goals.  Imagine having someone invested in your success coaching you every step of the way.  You are never alone!  You won’t get this type of Coaching with any other software platform.

Do you do integrations?

aAdvantage Anywhere integrates with a myriad other platforms.  Depending on your organization, you may have a need to connect or interface with other systems, implement a third party provider or simply transfer information.  Let us know what makes sense for your organization – we can help connect or share information within your organization. Ask us, we have many solutions built right in!

What about my data?

aWe understand your data is important.  That’s why we keep and store your data in the cloud with redundancy, regular back ups and multi-location storage policies.  Let’s discuss your specific data needs to ensure continuity and reporting of your data.  Learn more about our HIPAA compliance here.

What type of support can I expect after starting Advantage Anywhere?

aAdvantage Anywhere gives you complete support through a live Help Desk with support via email and phone.

We have a self-guided “Advantage Academy”, searchable knowledge base complete with FAQs and 100+ videos available to watch any time. Additionally, we hold live regular training sessions and support you and your team with dedicated Coaching sessions.

However you like to learn, support is available for you.

Can I see Advantage Anywhere for myself and my team?

aAdvantage Anywhere will gladly provide a one-on-one video conferencing call so you can see ‘inside’ Advantage Anywhere.  She how Advantage Anywhere works for your industry including industry specific “efficiency boosters”, follow up tools and reporting.  Request a demo to learn more about the unique solutions in Advantage Anywhere designed to take your business to the next level.

Does Advantage Anywhere integrate with Outlook email and calendar?

aYes, Advantage Anywhere integrates with your Outlook email inbox and your Outlook calendar to sync your appointments between calendars.  Advantage Anywhere uses Microsoft technology to integrate with either your host email exchange or Outlook 365 platforms.  These features are standard with any version of Advantage Anywhere.

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