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Denial is not a river in Egypt

I once had a boss who gave me a mug that read, “Denial is not a river in Egypt.”  Pretty clever pun…since he knew I was born in Cairo, Egypt.

But for me, it was a constant reminder that sticking your head in the sand is no way to manage – in life or in business!

And over the years, I have come to learn (through bruises and bumps) that what you don’t know CAN (and probably IS) hurting you.  The problem is, you don’t know to what extent!

So, if information is truly power, it’s important to ask yourself these questions.  Can I get this important information??

  • How long does it take your team to follow-up with new leads?  And how much follow-up is happening?
  • Do you know the real reasons you’re losing prospects? Is it location, services, amenities…or simply due to follow-up failure?
  • Can you identify your top Referral sources with the click of a mouse?
  • Do you know if your team is doing their follow-up and where they are in the follow-up process for each Prospect?
  • Can/do you communicate easily by email, video, or print with your Prospects, Influencers, and Referral sources easily?
  • Do you know your marketing activity ROI? (Hint: Average industry cost per lead is over $500)  What efforts are working well and what is wasting your money? Where are those marketing leads in your pipeline?
  • Are you still manually tracking activity and analytics in spreadsheets, checklists, and sticky notes? How accurate and up- to-date is that…really?

If you don’t know those answers now, I assure you that you are missing sales and leaving revenue on the table.  Because what you don’t know IS hurting you.

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