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Remote workers are not going away.  In fact, remote work is becoming the norm - especially within sales and marketing departments across the country and across the world. The advantages of remote workers are many (and sometimes born out of necessity) but there are also very real challenges in managing and motivating remote workers. If we can honestly and successfully address the struggles of remote workers and...

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Even careful senior living providers can sometimes end up with an ill-fitting “CRM” solution. Maybe they fall prey to slick sales presentations that “wow with smoke and mirrors” or don’t look closely enough at details that surface after the ink is dry. Or perhaps they don’t talk to current clients about the hidden “gotchas”. But popularity doesn’t guarantee client satisfaction or client success. Senior living providers...

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COVID has had a significant impact on Senior Living. Unfortunately, no industry has felt the devastating effects of this virus from as many sides as senior living. The challenge is to track and understand exactly what the impact has been in your sales and marketing efforts. Fortunately, we've worked with our clients to develop a COVID tracking module to help you track and understand the...

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“Marketing” The very word strikes apprehension in the heart of many leaders and owners.  You might as well say “black hole”, “waste of money”, “phoo-phoo designers” or “voodoo magic”.  But the super-natural power of marketing to influence opinions, sway decisions and move the masses can never be overstated. Don’t believe me?  Watch political conventions, or go to the Coca Cola museum in Atlanta (one big, ingenious marketing...

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