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Streamline Your Sales & Marketing Processes

Look…if you just want a CRM, you have lots of options.

But if you want results in your bottom line, there’s only one advantage.

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The LAST senior living sales & marketing system you will EVER  want.

Senior Living Leaders Face Challenges

Competition from every side / unprecedented obstacles

Constant pressure to maintain high census

Everyone wants their hands in your wallet: lead gen, marketing tools, coaching, and CRMs

Confusing sales messages and conflicting advice

Manual, time consuming, and unreliable reporting

Lack of real-time visibility into what matters

“CRM fatigued” Because You Aren’t Getting Results? (CRMs don’t work)

Settle for software designed for something else - not revenue drivers.

Bolt together CRM plus other add-ons to create an expensive Frankenstein.

Overpay for a big box bloated CRM that isn’t designed for senior living.

Try to manage on paper, sticky notes, and spreadsheets. Ouch!

What You Really Want to Boost Your Bottom Line (automated!)

A reliable stream of qualified new leads

A consistently high ``lead to move-in`` conversion rate

Streamlined processes and consolidated costs

Access to real time metrics to monitor and adjust

Top 6 Reasons Senior Living Providers Choose

Advantage Anywhere to Boost the Bottom Line

Don’t “bolt” together tools to create a “Frankenstein”. 

Get a complete, all-in senior living Consulting, marketing, lead generation,  lead nurturing, sales prospect followup, referral management, census management & data analytics platform WITH After-Care Coaching! 

Give your team an advantage to outperform your competition!

All-in-one sales & marketing (Lead to Move-in)

Specific for senior living marketing & census tracking

Marketing, video, visual census, sales follow up automation...everything

Uniquely customized for YOUR communities

Senior Living Consultant-led process setup!

Natural Speech Voice Navigation & Notes Dictation

Access to a dedicated Senior Living Coach!

Powerful Analytics & Enlightening Dashboards

The LAST Senior Living Sales & Marketing platform you will EVER  want!

Ready to learn more?

See it for yourself

COMPLETE Senior Living sales & marketing automation made easy…finally!

The most complete marketing, sales, follow up, census management and analytics platform available for senior living.

So helpful, your teams will love using it.

Insightful Data

Powerful insights into census, activity, referrals, marketing, deposits, and much more at the click of a button...or in your email box. Click through to initiate emails, launch follow up, etc.

Anywhere From Any Device

You're on the go. So is your advantage. Access your contacts, data, calendar, task list, and notes from any device anytime. Use your voice to navigate and to dictate your notes with ease!

Tailored to Your Needs

Don't settle! You'll work with a Dedicated Coach and Account Manager to configure Advantage Anywhere to your exact needs, verbiage and processes.

Powerful Yet Elegant

Don't fight your CRM! Get all the power you need to market, sell, follow up and track your senior living properties in a simple to use, intuitive platform.

Voice Dictation & Navigation

Stop typing and start talking! You can drive Advantage Anywhere using your voice and even dictate your notes. Better notes with less wear and tear!

Referral Marketing & Management

Engage, nurture and follow up with all your Referral Sources automatically. Powerful tools track their referrals, conversion rates and touches.

Supports Multi Care Service Levels

Track and manage all your senior living service lines under one umbrella. AL, IL, SNF, Home Care, Hospice, Day Care and more!

Ingenious Marketing Automation

Built-in marketing automation makes it easy to stay on top of your communications and follow up without ever missing a beat!

If you’re using more than 1 tool for senior living sales, marketing & census…you don’t have the right one!  (And…you’re paying too much!)

All in one simple – but ingenious – sales, marketing, social media, follow up management and click through reporting, and voice assistant built right in.

If your goal is to generate as many leads as possible, follow up flawlessly (until they buy, cry or get a restraining order – whichever comes first), communicate like a pro – and do it all efficiently and elegantly – you owe it to your community see Advantage Anywhere for senior living.

Advantage Anywhere for senior living is specifically designed for the unique needs and wants of real sales and marketing professionals in the senior living industry.

Senior Living Advantages

Advantage Anywhere is tailored for the unique needs of senior living providers.

Here are just some of the functionality you will come to love.

Efficiency Boosters Give Your Teams an Advantage

Efficiency is in the details.  These ingenious little “Efficiency Boosters” make your life
easier, faster & less stressful.


@Mention Tags

Interoffice Chat

Share Calendars

Digital Marketing & Social Media Posting

Template Library – marketing and follow up communications

Social Connect (Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter)

Time Savers

Voice Navigation & Voice Dictation

Advantage Morning Assistant email

Duplicate Checking & Merge Utility

BI – Auto launch automation when Contact changes Category.

Recent Contacts History

“Favorite” Contacts

Task Automation

Data & Analytics

Scheduled Email Reports

Sales Dashboard

Referral Dashboard

Management Dashboard

Interactive/Drilldown Reports & Dashboards

Custom Contact Reports

Favorite Reports

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Thousands of people coast to coast rely on Advantage Anywhere to give them a real marketing and sales advantage.

Advantage Anywhere is the last senior living CRM or an Assisted Living CRM you will ever want.  Advantage Anywhere is for senior living, assisted living, independent living, CCRC, and home healthcare.  It’s an all-in-one CRM, lead management, sales force automation, marketing automation, follow up automation, referral management, event marketing, video email marketing, census tracking and reporting tool for the unique needs of senior living communities.

Get an advantage for your senior living community.