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Are you your industry’s best kept secret?

Are you your industry’s best kept secret?


The very word strikes apprehension in the heart of many leaders and owners.  You might as well say “black hole”, “waste of money”, “phoo-phoo designers” or “voodoo magic”.  But the super-natural power of marketing to influence opinions, sway decisions and move the masses can never be overstated.

Don’t believe me?  Watch political conventions, or go to the Coca Cola museum in Atlanta (one big, ingenious marketing attraction that you actually pay to get in to!).

Influence marketing isn’t about creating pretty pictures or newsletters.  The power of marketing is to create a vivid image or strong emotion and elicit a desired response.  Sales focused marketing ends by offering an irresistible offer.

“Well, that sounds complicated!”

Sophisticated marketing actually is complicated…and carefully calculated.

If you’re after marketing that does more than design pretty pictures, and you are serious about influencing buying decisions, then you do need to spend the energy to create vivid images or strong emotions (positive) in the minds of your target audience to solicit a desired response.  And don’t forget – you want to wrap up (seal the deal) with an absolutely irresistible offer.

Tips to create the marketing, image, and emotion you want:

Your image “ain’t going to make itself”.  And if it does, it’s not likely to be the image you want to portray.  Creating your marketing image is a very intentional, detailed undertaking.  Pay attention to the smallest details.

Use of language – vocabulary.  Do you sound like everyone else in your industry?  If so, don’t be surprised when you’re treated like everyone else (a commodity).  Take the extra time, effort and energy to carefully and strategically pick words and language that sound different and separate you from any competition.  Proof:  who does “It’s my pleasure!” immediately bring to mind?

Do you look like everyone else?  If you have a “me-too” website, marketing materials, office/building, don’t expect to be treated special. Your image is an important part of your marketing.

Sound of Music.  Music is the quickest way to create emotion and move the hearts of people.  Stop and listen to the music selected for commercials.  Have you choked up at animal pound commercials?  Take the time to carefully select music (tune and tempo) that elicits the emotions you want your audience to have.

Culture.  Don’t be deceived.  Your culture leaks out of the pores of your employees, messages and behaviors.  If you have a sloppy, lazy culture, your audience will feel it.  If you have a young, fun-loving culture, they’ll know that too.  If you have a culture of excellence, class and caring, guess what?  Your audience can’t help but feel that and be attracted to it.