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Google is making big changes to spam prevention requirements

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Google is making big changes to spam prevention requirements

In February 2024, Google and Yahoo will introduce new measures to prevent spam. Failure to meet these requirements means your emails will not reach the recipient’s inbox. Here’s how to ensure your emails pass these checks:

  1. Verify Your Email Authentication Systems: To guarantee the delivery of your emails to Gmail and Yahoo users, make sure you have configured all three email authentication systems. Typically, you set these up in your domain’s DNS settings, obtaining the necessary information from your email provider. These three systems include:
    • Sender Policy Framework (SPF): A TXT record in your domain’s DNS settings that authorizes servers to send email on your behalf, preventing spam or malicious email.
    • DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM): Involves adding a TXT record to your domain’s DNS settings with a public key for email servers to verify your messages’ authenticity.
    • Domain Message Authentication Reporting (DMARC): Add a DMARC record to your domain’s DNS settings, instructing email servers on how to handle emails failing SPF or DKIM checks, enhancing protection against spoofing and phishing attacks.

  2. Simplify Unsubscribing for Users: Bulk senders must provide email recipients with easy unsubscribe options. According to Google’s blog post, large senders must allow Gmail recipients to unsubscribe from commercial emails with a single click and process unsubscription requests within two days, ensuring a better experience for email users.

  3. Maintain Spam Complaints Below 0.3%: The most significant requirement is to keep spam complaints below 0.3%. This approach aims to reduce unwanted or irrelevant messages and is a departure from Gmail’s current recommendation of maintaining spam complaints below 0.1%. Starting in February, this will become a mandatory requirement, so it’s crucial to meet these standards to ensure your messages reach their intended recipients.

To learn more about these three requirements, visit Google’s Guidelines for all senders, and additional requirements for sending 5,000 or more messages per day.

Additionally, consider setting up Google Postmaster Tools, which provides insights into deliverability, reputation, and email setup for Google and Yahoo.

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