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Top Reasons SL Providers Switch to Advantage Anywhere 2.0

Top Reasons SL Providers Switch to Advantage Anywhere 2.0

Even careful senior living providers can sometimes end up with an ill-fitting “CRM” solution. Maybe they fall prey to slick sales presentations that “wow with smoke and mirrors” or don’t look closely enough at details that surface after the ink is dry. Or perhaps they don’t talk to current clients about the hidden “gotchas”.

But popularity doesn’t guarantee client satisfaction or client success. Senior living providers routinely come to us looking to replace their CRM with something better developed and better supported. An internal study revealed that this is usually for one or more of the following reasons. Senior living providers evaluating “CRM” solutions would do well to spend extra time on these areas to help ensure that they don’t also get stuck with software that doesn’t serve them long term.

Top 9 Reasons Senior Living Providers Switch to Advantage Anywhere 2.0

White glove VIP Treatment

The sales process from the other “CRMs” was impressive, but after the ink dried, they were just a number.  They expected results, but instead got “software”. They were just a number.  Advantage Anywhere 2.0 comes with your own Coaching and Account Management Team to get you setup, customized, migrated, trained, adopted and coached through all of your internal goals.  You’re not getting software, you’re getting a partner and a platform.

Inadequate training, failed data migration, disappointing adoption

They discovered after the fact that there were numerous issues with data migration integrity, and training was less than what their team needed.  And sadly, no one was there or able to help correct issues.  Advantage Anywhere 2.0 clients love that they get a full team that stays with them indefinitely to ensure that they are successful.

Disillusioned with data and analytics, reporting and usability

Things were not what they looked like at the beginning.  Once the “glitter” faded, the reality revealed flaws in data & analytics, reporting, usability, and accuracy to name a few. People need better decision-making confidence in their own data & analytics.  Clients have stated data integrity, data confidence, and decision-making confidence to mitigate risk and allocate resources.  Advantage Anywhere is mature and refined over the last 11 years. In 2021, the all-new completely redesigned Advantage Anywhere 2.0 was rebuilt to tackle industry specific nuances, improve functionality, incorporate business intelligence and smart automation to advance the sale.

No sales process advancement

They found that their CRM was just an electronic rolodex.  It didn’t drive the sales process or advance the sales stage.  Advantage Anywhere 2.0 comes with suggested activities to guide their sales team to advance the prospect to the next stage.

Disconnect with marketing automation

Whether they used a 3rd party marketing automation tool, or the “CRM” had one plugged in, there was a disconnect in the handoff between sales and marketing causing embarrassment or missed opportunities with prospects – not to mention clearly “generic” communications.  Advantage Anywhere 2.0 is a marketing and sales machine.  It comes with lead attraction, engagement and nurturing built-in so information flows seamlessly between sales and marketing teams.

Nickeled and dimed to death

Every feature they wanted was an extra charge, an integration or more of a hassle. In addition, each feature required extra time and manpower to setup and manage.  By the time all the hard (and soft) costs came in, they realized they could buy a small country.  Advantage Anywhere 2.0 is complete with all the features at one transparently flat monthly investment.

Beware marketing automation “false” negatives or positives

While marketing automation used properly has real value, they found that automation that “ranks” prospects based on name/demographics or website behavior is faulty. 

Example, if you qualified someone named “Lance Armstrong” it most certainly would not accurately reflect the truth about our Account Manager with the same name. Or because someone clicks on your website multiple times does not mean they are a highly interested prospect. Or because your prospect doesn’t financially qualify based on internet available income, doesn’t mean they don’t have an inheritance coming.  Several mentioned that after paying top dollar for fancy marketing intelligence and spending untold hours in setup, they found the information useless and it did nothing to help them close deals.
Tip: Nothing replaces the human relationship and discovery!

“Software” vs. True Partnership

They signed up for a “CRM” only to find out they got no or minimal support.  After the sale, they were on their own.  Most senior living providers by far come to Advantage Anywhere 2.0 for the white-glove Coaching, Account Management and Marketing Support.

“Frankenstein” Marketing, Automation & Reporting

They wanted a seamless, predictable marketing (and reporting) experience, control over their customization, and reliable report results.  They couldn’t get that from “CRM”s that stitched 3rd party apps, disjointed tools, and templates together.  Advantage Anywhere has built-in, native (not 3rd party) marketing, automation, intelligence and reporting.  It is built from scratch by our internal development team, which means they control all the code and functionality.

Advantage Anywhere 2.0 has the highest reviews in the industry for good reason.  Our support team gets rave reviews because they’re prompt, knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful. They go the extra mile to provide solutions.

Senior Living Providers deserve a sales & marketing solution that works for them, not against them. If your company is struggling with one or more of the above limitations, get in touch to find out if Advantage Anywhere 2.0 would be a better fit.