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I love to cook… 

If you know me, you know I love to cook.  Hummus, baba ganoush, tabbouleh, grape leaves, leban…are all some of my favorite middle eastern dishes.  But I also love bougie meals like Fire Roasted Creamy Tomato Florentine with Shrimp and Cranberry Chicken Royale.  (Are you getting hungry, too?) 

As a result, I “collect” all kinds of spices, kitchen gadgets and appliances to make these delicacies. In addition to all the normal appliances, I also have an air fryer, convection oven, food dehydrator, yogurt maker, and slow cooker.  As you can imagine, space is a problem.  I tuck appliances everywhere, and it’s sometimes a hassle to find and set up a single-use appliance for my spur of the moment cooking inspirations.  But what choice do I have?  Having an appliance for every technique is the price I pay for my craft. 

One item that is housed permanently in my kitchen is my countertop oven.  It’s not exactly “house beautiful” cover worthy but it is our well used “go to” for toast, warming up food, and cooking small meals. 

Until about a month ago. 

After years of faithful service (and many dents and dings), our beloved countertop oven had retired.  So, I went shopping. 

Lo and behold…I found “the one”! 

This beauty does it all…oven, toaster, roaster, baker, food dehydrator, convection, air fryer, pizza oven, popcorn maker…all in one…and it’s pretty, too! 

One appliance…so many functions.  And it replaces all those other single-use appliances that I have to store, clean, and lug around every time I want to make something. 

That’s when I had a Eureka moment.  It’s just like Advantage Anywhere!

Follow up automation, email marketing, video marketing, website lead funnels, lead nurturing, sales follow up automation, event marketing, property inventory, occupancy, referral outreach, voice dictation, discovery guides, site maps, interactive dashboards, drill down reports, CRM, and more…it’s all in there…and it’s pretty, too! 

No more bolting together tools, spreadsheets, and checklists.  No more moving data back and forth between systems.  No more manual spreadsheets to track and manage analytics across platforms.  It makes you streamlined, efficient, and more productive. 

That’s why we promise you will “get more move-ins and sales…faster, easier and with less manual work!” 

Want to see how?  Check out this short intro video, watch more YouTube videos, and book you a live tour of Advantage Anywhere