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Dead Giveaways You’re A Sales Person.

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Dead Giveaways You’re A Sales Person.

Let’s face it. We’re all in sales because we’re selling something that we believe in.

Conversely, we all have our antennas up when we think someone is trying to sell us something. (People like to buy, they don’t like to be sold!)

Tips to not be “salesy”?

I’ve noticed over the years, that we talk differently and have different mannerisms when we’re communicating naturally with a friend than we do when we’re in “selling mode”. And subconsciously, people pick up on these subtle nuances that clue them in that you’re a salesperson. Unfortunately, that’s when they tune out or check out.

So why the personality change when we’re selling? And how do we get that “natural” conversation back that happens when we’re talking to a friend?

Here are some clues that you’re a salesperson when you call:

  • Phone: “Hi, I was just calling to see if ‘so and so’ was available.” (That may be true, but the wording also gives away that you’re a salesperson.) Better: “Hi, is so and so there?” (That’s how a friend would word it.)

  • Talking too fast. SLOOOOOW DOWN…only salespeople rush through their calls and pitch. Social or friend calls do not rush.

  • Talk, talk, talk…Talking TOO much! Nobody wants to hear you blab on and on about you or your service or what you do. Ask questions followed by sub-questions like “how is that working for you?”

  • Voice inflection and pitch usually goes up. Don’t believe me? Call your mom and talk to her with the same inflection you use on prospects and see how she reacts. I noticed personally that when I talk to a friend my voice is lower, more relaxed and more casual. Even if I’m calling to “sell” them on something (a party or idea), my tone with them is comfortable and non-frantic.

  • “I’m calling to follow up…” dead giveaway of sales person calling without a purpose. Better: “Just want to let you know that…FACT (information or invitation)”

Hacks to help you sound like a friend:

“Channel” genuine friendship. Pretend you’re calling a friend. Or, better yet, think of the person you’re calling as a friend. Your tone will be more natural. Your inflection will be relaxed, and your pitch will be normal. You won’t rush through your spiel or blab on and on. You’ll show your interest in them by asking genuine questions and drilling down into what they care about. Your “offer” will be to help not to sell.

At Advantage Anywhere, we believe that your sales processes should be strategically created and automated. But that doesn’t mean that your sales team should be. Give them the tools – including questions and sub-questions – but practice natural, warm calls so you stand out in a good way – not a “salesy” way!