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“Wake Up Your Audience!” Marketing

“Wake Up Your Audience!” Marketing

So how do you capture the attention of your audience?  It’s not easy, but here are some tactics that work better than plain old marketing:

In today’s bombardment of marketing, messages, dings, and alarms, it’s becoming harder and harder to get people’s attention – much less read content.

VIDEO – there are actually different variations of video.

Talking head – a person talking to you.  Imagine getting a personal video of someone using your name to talk directly with you.  You will watch it.

Marketing video – movement, music, and voice-over will grab attention much better than old-school marketing. 

Live-Action video – these videos relay a sense of urgency and freshness.  They work well to grab attention, but your videos must be interesting or your audience will drop off within a few seconds.

Audio – audio messages through email, text, and messenger apps work great in getting people to listen.  The novelty of this medium makes it interesting – for now!

Pictures – if video or audio isn’t an option or feasible, interesting or striking videos will get eyeballs – at least for a second.  Your message better be able to capitalize on the visual quickly to get them.

Clickbait – I’m not happy to say it…and I’m not recommending you use it, but clickbait works.  If it didn’t, you wouldn’t see so much of it everywhere!

Novelty/value info – when people are thinking about a problem or looking for ideas, sharing valuable and relevant information, ideas, inspiration, or strategies works well.  Think about what your audience is thinking about, then address it head-on.  The better you are able to communicate their pain, the more they will connect with your message.  It’s old school but it works.

Humor/memes – since we humans love to be entertained (and frankly need a break from reality), humor is always a great way to get eyeballs.  Add in video or pictures, and you may just have a home run.  But be careful, it’s one thing to be memorable, it’s another to cross the line!

Personal posts/messages – people are voyeurs at heart.  They love to peer into the private lives of others, so sharing personal stories or photos of your life and family (carefully and judiciously) are going to get more eyeballs than a boring sales pitch.  Once you get their attention, you’re more likely to get them to read/watch business messages in the future.

Questions/surveys – while this may be a good way to get attention, I would caution you that it could go bad.  If you ask a question or post a public survey and no one responds or engages with you, it may be more embarrassing than effective.  So proceed with caution and make sure you have enough “followers” that may engage and a provoking question that elicits responses.

Remember the good ol’ days when straight-up marketing worked?  Well, forget them!  They’re gone forever!  Time to think outside the box and create marketing that people WANT to consume.

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