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Why you need a simple and easy to use CRM.

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Why you need a simple and easy to use CRM.

In today’s business climate, having a CRM has become a necessity…no longer a luxury. So everyone is getting CRM. But getting a traditional CRM is not a magic bullet for a number of reasons that we discuss elsewhere.


In fact, one of the biggest challenges is that most companies struggle to get their people to use their CRM.



Why don’t people use their CRM?



There are many reasons why people don’t use their CRM but one of the primary reasons is that traditional CRMs are difficult to use and not designed to help people succeed. The typical CRM is neither easy to use nor user-friendly. Most companies select a CRM because they believe it will give them better tracking of what their people are doing. Unfortunately, that translates into simply having a “big brother tool” to monitor sales teams. No wonder people don’t like to use them.


Also because they were designed for the purpose of tracking people, they inherently require the “users” navigate multiple screens, numerous clicks, and tolerate a visual experience that looks more like a spreadsheet than a helpful tool. That’s why so many people avoid using their companies’ CRM at all costs. For them, it’s simply not worth the extra effort to use their CRM when there’s not anything in it for them.


The harsh reality is, if your people can’t or won’t use your CRM, then your company gains nothing by having one!

How do you know if your CRM is not easy to use?


A “big brother” CRM leaves clues. It doesn’t think like a human. It’s not logical or intuitive. You have to change screens to enter or find info. It feels like you’re just filling out forms and entering data. The CRM doesn’t do anything to help your people be successful. It’s cumbersome and clumsy to use, enter notes and get useful help. If there’s no helpful reason for your people to use it, it’s probably not simple or easy to use.

Having a simple, easy to use, and user-friendly CRM is critical to your company success.


That is why Advantage Anywhere gives your company a huge advantage in today’s business market. Not only is it an all in one sales, marketing, and follow-through tool but it is also simple, easy to use, and user-friendly so your people will actually enjoy using and learn to rely on it like they would a sharp assistant.


Unlike the “big brother tools” that they have been forced to use before, Advantage Anywhere actually helps them be successful by offering suggestions and nudges that lead to their successful follow-through. It’s like having an assistant working for you, not against you.

Add to that a voice assistant that literally voice dictates their notes for them and business intelligence that thinks ahead, and you can see why Advantage Anywhere is so loved – and used – by sales and marketing teams everywhere.


So don’t force your people to use a CRM that doesn’t help them be successful! Choose Advantage Anywhere and see how simple, easy to use, and user-friendly a real assistant can be to your advantage.



Learn more at www.advantageanywhere.com or request more info or schedule a demo at info@Advantageanywhere.com or 239-337-2667.



Simple, easy to use, ingenious CRM, sales, marketing, and follow-through solution that maximizes your success.