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Start the New Year with a Revival Campaign

Start the New Year with a Revival Campaign

It’s a fresh New Year…and a perfect time for a Revival Campaign!

What is a Revival Campaign?
(Don’t worry…there are no defib paddles or organ music involved.)  🙂 

  • Maybe you have prospects that have gone dormant for any  They quit responding to your calls and emails.
  • Or maybe you have an older list of leads that you’ve never been able to engage.
  • Or maybe (not likely!) you’ve dropped the ball on prospect follow-up and are wondering if there are still opportunities in your system.

Then an email “Revival Campaign” might be right for you.

Think of it as a fresh way to rouse interest and revive sleeping opportunities in your database of leads and prospects.
Build excitement.“If you haven’t been to Genesis Estates lately, you’ll want to check out all the exciting new things/events/amenities/etc… happening right now!”

Give them an irresistible excuse to engage (aka value).  “Download our 10 Best New Year Resolutions”, “RSVP for our January New Year Kickoff Party”, “Reserve your spot for a 5 Star cooking class”, or “Check out our January Calendar of events”.
Don’t miss this critical juncture to launch an instant follow-up nurture sequence – regardless of what they click through on!

Try to resist the urge to “sell”.  Remember it’s a “revival campaign” not a “closing campaign”.  If you want to offer a tour, make it non-pushy.  And limit your CTAs (Calls to Action) to one or two – never more than 3!

Speaking of CTA’s.  The goal is to revive interest and opportunities, so give them options on how they want you to engage with them next.  “Notify me of new events and happenings; I have questions, please contact me; I’m no longer in the market; etc.”

FOLLOW UP!  (Yes, I’m shouting!)  If you leave follow-up to “when you get around to it”, you are losing leads…and leaving money on the table.  Automate your entire follow-up sequence (“Nurture Campaign” in Advantage Anywhere).  Have it launch instantly (5-minute rule!).  Personalize every message.  Keep it going consistently (7 – 10 messages of value, education, brand awareness, social proof, and additional CTAs). 

After all, we preach that you should follow up until they “buy, cry, or get a restraining order…whichever comes first!” And we’re only half-joking. 
Your follow-up is the key to doubling your sales conversion rates. (But you already know that!)

If you have Advantage Anywhere, everything we described (including automated nurture campaigns) is all built-in and a breeze to configure.

If you don’t have Advantage Anywhere, you can still pull it off…it just takes a little more effort, diligent commitment to quick responses, and a manual checklist to make sure you are doing your follow-up!

Want to experience Advantage Anywhere follow-up in action?  Check out the Genesis Estates demo site…and fill out the self-assessment pop-up.

Want more guidance on follow-up nurturing?  Request a copy of our Nurture Campaign Worksheetthat you can use to build out your own follow-up plan.

See how easy that was to do a Revival Campaign? 
If you like what you see and want to learn more about how Advantage Anywhere would work for you, book a demo or learn more at AdvantageAnywhere.com.