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The Advantage Ecosystem #3

The Advantage Anywhere Difference
It's the Advantage Anywhere ``ecosystem`` that GUARANTEES you will be successful. Four Pillars of success: Dedicated Coaching and Consulting, Continuous Learning, Account Management Strategy, and an Innovative Platform.
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There's a reason 91% of CRMs Fail!

It’s true.  Sadly, the majority of CRM implementations fail.  No wonder there are so many CRMs on the market today!

Selected Wrong Solution

If you are selecting a CRM based on feature sizzle, a big name, or slick sales pitch, you are setting yourself up to be a statistic.

Difficult to Use & Bloated

If your people don’t use it, you won’t get the results you are paying for.  Generic, big name CRMs are overcomplicated for your industry.

Poor Execution & Training

There is no magic bullet.  You can’t “press and pray” and expect results.  Some organizations think that they can skip the strategic setup and skimp on training.  That never goes well.

Vendor goes dark post-sale

Immediately after the sale, they “ghost” you.  What training?  What support? When things go south, they’re no where to be found. If you’re feeling on your own, you probably are.

Truth is: You Need More Than Just CRM to be Successful. 

It takes an Ecosystem.

If you’ve ever struggled with CRM failure and adoption, you’ll appreciate an ecosystem built on these 4 Pillars of success.

Dedicated Coaching & Consulting

Dedicated Consulting and Coaching is the king pin to the 4 Pillars in the Advantage Anywhere Ecosystem.

Start off with an advantage: an industry expert Coach to keep you moving towards goals. Coaching is the difference between success and failure. Adoption and excuses. Profits and losses.

Continuous Learning

Live regular trainings combined with a multi-media Education Center ensures adoption

Continuous learning is the key to adoption and fully utilizing the power of Advantage Anywhere. First you crawl. Then you walk. In time you run.

Account Management Strategy

Account Management gets to the root of why you chose Advantage Anywhere.

Your goals and objectives matched with our resources and coaching are at the heart of our Account Management Strategy. Your success is our committment.

Advantage Anywhere Platform

Like nothing you've ever experienced before, Advantage Anywhere platform empowers your success.

Far more than a CRM, Advantage Anywhere empowers your teams to be productive and your management to be informed.

Services Available Through the Ecosystem

You’re never on your own in the Advantage Anywhere ecosystem.

You can always tap into industry experts whenever you need them.

Consulting & Coaching

An industry expert will coach you to your goals (weekly, biweekly, monthly) and stay with you indefinitely.

Marketing Development

Need a new digital strategy or a specific campaign?  A marketing expert will help you leverage the power of Advantage Anywhere to achieve your marketing ROI.

Industry Sales & Census

Facing a challenge?  You can tap into the expertise and experience of our sales and census consultants to reach your goals.

IT Consulting

Trying to navigate the maze of technologies can be daunting.  But you’ve got an ecosystem of network engineers, developers and IT analysts at your disposal in the ecosystem.

Sampling of the Advantage Anywhere community

The Advantage Anywhere community is comprised of organizations across the industry spectrum.  The most effective best practices are a result of the input of the community.

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