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Lead to Client Funnel: Lead advancement automation platform

Press Release:


Advantage Anywhere Launches Automated Lead to Client Funnel


Lead advancement automation platform drives conversion and revenue for senior living, health and wellness, and residential communities.

Fort Myers, FL – February 7, 2023 – Advantage Anywhere, a leading provider of marketing technology solutions, today announced the launch of its new AI-driven lead-to-client funnel. Cutting-edge technology streamlines the entire process of lead advancement, from lead capture to client acquisition.

“We are thrilled to introduce this innovative solution to the market,” said Mona Hilton, CEO of Advantage Anywhere. “Lead advancement is a crucial component to driving revenue in any economy. With our new automated funnel, we close the gaps that have traditionally been points of failure in the sales advancement process. We believe this technology will revolutionize the way businesses approach lead management.”


The automated lead to client funnel is powered by AI to increase efficiency and conversions by eliminating manual lead failure.  Leads are the lifeblood of any company, but keeping track of them can be complicated and time consuming. The new Advantage Anywhere AI powered funnel takes the guesswork out of converting leads into customers. The automated funnel integrates with existing systems and allows for customized tracking and reporting. It also features robust analytics that provide insights into the performance of the funnel and the effectiveness of lead generation.


“Our goal is to make lead management and conversion as simple, automated, and streamlined as possible, and this new automated funnel does just that. It will save our customers time and resources and help them close more deals faster, easier and with less manual work,” Hilton explained.


Advantage Anywhere is committed to providing the best marketing technology solutions to help businesses achieve their goals. The automated lead to client funnel is just one of the many innovative products that the company offers.


About Advantage Anywhere Advantage Anywhere is a leading provider of marketing technology solutions that help businesses increase efficiency, conversions, and revenue. The company offers a suite of products that are designed to streamline marketing processes and drive results.

For more information, please visit www.advantageanywhere.com


About Advantage Anywhere

For over 25 years, Advantage Anywhere has been a leading technology innovator delivering simple and ingenious sales and marketing solutions for small and mid-size businesses. Product development focuses on creating rich, interactive experiences that streamline business processes and increase efficiency, productivity, and revenue growth. The company is dedicated to upholding corporate values of passion, integrity, innovation, and excellence. Interested parties can request a free consult and executive strategy session through the website at www.AdvantageAnywhere.com.


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