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Traffic Triage 2

If you work to drive digital traffic to your clients’ website, social and other channels, you need Advantage Anywhere to demonstrate the value of your efforts, engage and triage that traffic, and create a revenue stream for your company.

Since using Advantage Anywhere we’ve more than tripled our patient consults with qualified prospects that are eager to buy!

Martha S. – Florida

What is Advantage Anywhere

The smart way to turn web traffic into web leads, attract, engage, nurture, qualify and convert to sales. Turn your website into a lead-generating machine!

Feature & FunctionalityAdvantage Anywhere
Customizable Lead Generating questions, forms, responses
Automated Drip and Workflow Campaigns
V-Mail / Video Mail for personalized messaging
Email Campaigns and open notifications
Comes Complete with CRM

You’re spending marketing dollars driving traffic to your website. Why rely on the typical ‘Contact Us’ form to catch and convert your leads. Catch them earlier in the buying process, while they’re hunting. Engagement them, with content, quizzes, self-assessments, and ways to learn more before they’re ready to say YES!

87% of your clients check you on the internet BEFORE they ever purchase. Use AdvantageLEADS to fill your sales funnel with those thinking about your product or service even before they are ready to say yes. Don’t wait until a third-party referral service sends them over as a new lead, capture that lead before they go to a referral provider.

AdvantageLEADS Options:

What’s included:

  • Templated or Customized questions
  • Custom responses branded for you
  • Logging and reporting on all new leads