12 Most Important Things to Ask – Before you select a new lead management system

I’m tempted to say, I’ve heard it ALL! but I know that can’t be true. Even after hundreds of war stories, it still hurts to hear someone’s sad tale about a bad decision they made that cost them money, time, heartache and (worse yet!) lost sales.

That’s why I decided to collect and share some of these questions and pointers, in the hopes of saving someone (maybe even you) from making a mistake that could be avoided simply by asking the right questions.

So without further ado, let’s dive into those 12 questions. Pay particular attention to the answers you get or red flags that you uncover along the way.

Will my people use it? (Especially if they haven’t used the old one). What assurance do I have that my people will adopt the new system?

Great question!

There are essentially 3 reasons people don’t use their systems:

1. People are afraid and/or haven’t been properly trained. Perhaps they got stuck and can’tget the help they need to get past it. Eventually they give up.

2. They don’t have to. Management hasn’t made it required and isn’t enforcing or monitoring usage (sometimes for the same reasons as #1!).

3. Missing their WIIFM radio station. There’s no compelling answer to What’s In It For Me?

It’s more of a burden, difficulty, hassle to use the system than what it will do to help them be successful. This is the real reason why most software goes unused and is abandoned.

Makes you kind of sad, huh?

Thorough and ongoing training is a MUST! Do not skimp on training!

A Support Team that chases your people down to help them would be nice, too. Our Support Team calls our client’s marketing staff individually every 2 weeks to see how they can help until our client’s cry uncle because they know it as well as we do.

Management has to be committed. Executive Briefings are a perfect opportunity to review usage, activity, productivity, reports and issues with our client’s management team. They are now equipped and informed to monitor, enforce the practices that will make their organization successful on a consistent basis. We have Executive Briefings once or twice a month with almost every client. Talk about keeping your finger on the pulse of your organization!

Now about that WIIFM radio station! We think the best way to answer that station is by tucking hidden $$ into the system. Seriouslyembedding nuggets that make marketing people look good, get ahead and make more money in less time is our strategy. Our goal is be a virtual sales assistant: lay everything out to remind you of what you need to do today and even do what makes sense automatically.

Bonus: Make it easy to use and easy on the eyes! Think like a busy marketing person. Less clicks = more time. PhD stands for Push here, Dear (in our world!)

What does this (new) system replace that I’m currently using now?

Wow you’ve done your homework! Let’s make a checklist.

What does your current system do for you now? Does it do anything more than replace a rolodex (essentially)?

What are you using now OUTSIDE of your current lead management system?

Email campaign system?

Internet/website marketing and lead generation?

Sticky notes for reminders and follow up of the important leads?

Spreadsheets for tracking sales, activity and cost per lead of your marketing efforts?

What is all the extra outside systems add up to cost you every month in money or time or mistakes or (heavens forbid!) lost customers?

If your new system can incorporate all of those things in one system and replace all those extra costs and tools, you will be far ahead financially and time wise.

What will you do with all that extra time & money? May I suggest a well-deserved vacation?

Is there a way to start with what we need and “grow” into more advanced functionality?

Do you need a Lexus? Or will a Hyundai do for now?

Currently, you may only need the basics, but as you grow, add new products/services or clients and add more sophisticated marketing, you may need a more powerful system with advanced horsepower.