Superheroes: Schedule for Success

Successful marketing and sales takes successful execution. We all have the best of intentions that usually results in long “to-do” lists of what we want to accomplish. But creating a list and accomplishing things on your list are two entirely different things.

If you’re like me, important tasks can stay on my “to do” list for almost indefinitely. And then I have the nerve to get frustrated when my important projects pile up but never get done. There’s something cathartic about checking an action off your “to do” list. In fact, science has shown that it releases an endorphin to check off a task. Check off a few of them, and you leave work feeling like a superhero!

Unfortunately, the reality of life gets in the way of your best organized lists. Your phone rings, unexpected visitors just stop by your office for a “quick second”. And before you know it, you wake up in the middle of the night with an “oh shoot!” moment. (Those of you who’ve attended one of my webinars on follow up know what that means!)

But I have a simple success strategy to share with you that will help you leave work with a smile and a superhero sense of accomplishment every day!

Being successful at work is as simple as scheduling your tasks. Yes, you heard me. Make physical “appointments” on your calendar to accomplish your most important tasks or projects. It can take on many forms. Perhaps you schedule every morning from 8:00 – 9:00 to knock out  the top 3 items on your “to do” list. Or maybe you schedule an afternoon appointment to work on a long term project or assignment. It might be as simple as scheduling your daily tasks or calls on your calendar (like we do in Advantage).

However you do it, it’s important that you intentionally and strategically block off time – just as you would an appointment with your boss, owner or most important client. Arrange all other activities around that appointment. Close your door, don’t answer email or phone calls. Treat the time as sacred and focus every minute on your assigned task.

“Yes, but…!” I hear your “buts” and acknowledge that issues do come up. But during that scheduled time, make a concerted effort to stay focused. People can respect appointments. If issues or thoughts come up during that time that threaten your concentration, jot them down on a note pad to deal with later.