What can Advantage Anywhere do for you?

Wish you had a personal Assistant with you all the time?globeoutline

Now you can. One of the many features of Advantage Anywhere is our automated follow up. Set follow up to instantly contact your web visitors, give them what they are looking for or share a resource. Or simply use a TaskoMatic to remind you to call them next week and the week after and then send a newsletter and then.....
Remember, your lead is looking for information and does not want to wait Did you know that if you contact your web inquiries within 5 minutes of them reaching out to you, you are 100 times (not 100%) more likely to sell them than if you wait just 30 minutes?
Why wait?
Follow up with customers, clients, leads and web inquiries automatically. So you can be on the road, in a meeting or even on the golf course. Never miss an opportunity again! Now you have an engaged lead who has information when they want it. You have their information. and that automated follow up doesn't stop there!
Not a 'follow up one time and done' solution but a real stay-engaged system with customized actions, letters, notes, emails and calls to keep you on your game with all your prospects, customers, referral sources, vendors and more.