Medical Lead Generation, Marketing & Follow Up Turnkey System

We help medical practices fill their appointment books with a turnkey marketing system packaged to generate a constant supply of Lasik leads.

Here’s how...

  • We provide you branded ready-to-print educational content you publish in local flyers, newsletters, on Facebook, etc.  The call to action on the educational content is to complete a free confidential Lasik screening on your website.
  • Your prospective patients complete the form giving you the information you need to qualify them for a consult.
  • Our proprietary system creates the Lead Contact for you and instantly starts the prospective patient on an automatic nurture campaign to build credibility, expectation and brand awareness for your practice.
  • Your Appointment Scheduler gets notified daily to call each prospective patient, follow our proven script and fill your appointment book.
  • This nurture campaign is designed to build credibility, confidence and brand awareness with the prospective patient who has filled out an online vision screening.

The Advantage Lead Generation system creates a constant supply of warm, self-qualified leads for your practice.  You book consults!