Superheroes: Schedule for Success

Successful marketing and sales takes successful execution. We all have the best of intentions that usually results in long “to-do” lists of what we want to accomplish. But creating a list and accomplishing things on your list are two entirely different things. If you’re like me, important tasks can stay on my “to do” list […]


In our “action packed” society, intentional thinking has become a highly underrated & underused skill.  We do not think enough.  We’re too busy jumping between activities, distractions and we very often confuse activity for productivity. Don’t believe me?  Take this challenge:  Pick a problem, issue, or idea that you would like to solve or develop and sit […]

Attract. Don’t Chase!

On Memorial Day weekend we went dolphin fishing (mahi mahi…not flipper!) as a family for the very first time.  It was very exciting! But it didn’t start off that way.  After circling the ocean for what seemed like hours, we finally stopped at what looked like a good spot and threw out bait to attract the dolphin. […]

The Enemy of Productivity

Once upon a time, in an office not so far away, worked a bunch of people who bragged pridefully about their abilities to multi-task – even comparing themselves to one another constantly trying to “out multitask” each other. Hour after hour of multi-tasking slipped past and so did the productivity. When the fairy godmother finally […]